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August 2014


Key Contributor that make all this possible.

What we do?

  • Fly Casting and Fly Fishing Classes, Demonstrations and fishing techniques.
  • Fly Tying Classes and Demonstrations, typically to support the next fishing outing.
  • Rod Building so each vet can have there own equipment, build with there own skills.
  • Fishing outing to give our recovering Vets the opportunity to use and refine there new skills.



What Vets are Saying

Thanks for these great tips on knot tying.  I have trouble with my vision and have been somewhat intimidated by tying knots such as these.  I have attended the knot tying classes, but having these short, quick and concise examples has really eased my burden and restored my confidence that it really is quite simple and easy to tie fishing knot with relative ease. I hope you will continue to send these types of instructional videos in the future. Thanks, again.
Michael Jefferies
I am in the Army and a combat veteran. I was not injured during my duty but wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you are doing. I recently bought the Temple Fork Project Healing Waters fly rod and caught my first fish on it yesterday. It was a very emotional time for me thinking about all my friends that didn’t come home. Anyway, thanks so much for what you are doing for those young brave men and women.
Army Combat veteran of Iraq
As a Viet Nam veteran myself who never felt quite welcome when I came home, I must tell you that I will never forget the tears streaming from the eyes of an amputee of the same era as he thanked me for the experience he was given on the East Outlet of the Kennebec River and Maine’s Moosehead Lake by the citizens of nearby Greenville, Maine, who spared no efforts to expense to host 9 veterans from Togus VA Medical Center in Augusta, Maine. “You know,” he said, “this is the first time I really felt my sacrifice was appreciated. They were wonderful to us and I never knew that I could actually fly fish again, as I did when I was young.
A Maine Volunteer and Veteran
PHWFF helped in getting my head together during my recovery at Walter Reed. It was the perfect outlet for me while I was trying to adjust to my injuries and was a great help in broadening my horizons, giving me the hope and confidence that, no matter what my disabilities, I could still achieve and enjoy the activities of the outdoors and accomplish what I wanted to.
SGT, USA, Walter Reed PHWFF combat wounded
I always wanted to try this , this is fun!
Female veteran Batavia VA, New York
On our graduation party day, the vets were coming to our casting club for the final casting session of two hours, followed by lunch. One of the most quiet and most withdrawn of the participants came 45 minutes early. He told me he walked because he wanted to make sure he didn’t miss any of it.
A California Volunteer
On behalf of the veterans, patients, and staff of the Department of Veterans Affairs, New Jersey Health Care System, please extend our sincere gratitude to you and your PHWFF members for two memorable days of fishing and for the ongoing fly tying and fly fishing program you have provided for our veterans.
East Orange/Lyons Campus, Chief of Recreational Therapy
I want to thank you for opening up the doors to our patients interested in fly fishing. Our patients have enjoyed the fellowship of the volunteers that donate their time so graciously, each week, to teach our patients the skills of fly fishing. Fly fishing grants our veterans the opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of nature.
A Virginia Staff Recreational Therapist
“You [PHWFF] have offered me another avenue to continue recovering physically and emotionally. I thank you for what you have offered me. Please keep up the good work.”
A Marine, My Company
“Look how your vision of bringing PHWFF here is having such an impact on the veterans.”
Recreational Therapist, Batavia VA, New York
“I would like to say thank you to the board members of PHWFF for your support and dedication to the men and women of the Armed Forces who are healing not only on the outside, but on the inside through your graciousness of time and money to helping us heal.”
SFC, USA, Walter Reed PHWFF combat wounded
I can’t even begin to explain how I feel about PHWFF/Volunteers and if I do I usually get choked up and my eyes get misty. Thank you, everybody, from the bottom of my heart for caring enough to volunteer and be involved.
A Maine Veteran
It really raised my self-esteem, and it felt like I could do something, because lots of time we’re told we can’t do anything because we’ve got a mental illness.
A California Veteran
For my mind, it gives me energy, gives me the feeling of freedom that I never had before and also gets me closer to my kids.
A California Veteran
As the father of a severely wounded soldier who, through the auspices of Project Healing Waters, has been afforded the opportunity to learn and experience fly fishing, I can’t say enough good things about the organization. My son, thanks to PHWFF, has enjoyed trips of a lifetime for some of the finest fly fishing available in Virginia, Montana and Pennsylvania. Just as importantly however is that he has come to know, love and appreciate fly fishing—an aspect of fishing that he had not previously been exposed to. I have repeatedly recommended Project Healing Waters as a most worthy cause to all who have expressed an interest in helping our wounded warriors recover and find their way back. Bravo Zulu to a fine organization!
Father of a USA, 1LT, PHWFF combat wounded, Walter Reed